Got a Project?

For those project owners willing to make the next step and attempt to seek outside funding, this is what we need from you: L.O.I. Project’s owner contact information Project summary (3 pages) Project’s financial plan (3 pages) Project’s marketing plan (3 pages) Project’s feasibility plan (3 pages) Funding requirement request (1 page) Proof of funds … More Got a Project?

Seek Funding?

If you seek funding, we have a few basic requests. It begins with an L.O.I. and a several summaries explaining details of your project. (Please take the time to look at this link: What Do We Look For!) Our doors are open to project owners, Lawyers and mandates. Please make sure that when you consider our … More Seek Funding?

Our Project Focus

(This post is an addition to: What Do We Look For“) We do love projects that enhance the “Life force” on our planet. We look for projects that are focussed not just on profit but on the betterment of the Planet, mankind, our enviroment. It is of our opinion we are responsible for our current … More Our Project Focus

Our Pricing Schedule

Our pricing schedule is simple: The project owner and our organization engage in a private performance based contract. The contract has a minimum duration of 12 months. (A non-disclosure contract will be valid for a period no longer than 3 years. Our base pricing is dependent on the size of the project. We negotiate the … More Our Pricing Schedule

Some Of Our Projects..

We have been around for a while and we have assisted with finding project funding for many projects in a diverse number of niches.   Some examples from the past: 1. Mining, silica, Canada. Private operation owned by and US company. Funding requirement 300 m USD. 2. Gold mining group in both Canada and USA, … More Some Of Our Projects..

What Do We Look For!

We look to work together with project owners who are preferably, past the initial seeding phase and seek extra capital. At this moment, the market is seriously tight, so only the best projects could get funded. Even for us, with well over a decade of experience, it is really difficult to get an investment from … More What Do We Look For!